How it all started...

The Pour House is the result of four minds putting their heads together chasing after a dream. Last year Gibbons was visiting with her mother, Susan Linse, over a cup of coffee when they began discussing the Colville Pizza Hut building that was for sale at the time. "I've always had a bucket list sort of thing that had owning a coffee shop on it," explained Gibbons. Gibbons said her mother has always been a "go- getter," and she immediately began inquiring about the building, only to discover it had already been sold. While Gibbons felt "oh, too bad so sad," her mother didn't let the dream die. Linse continued researching buildings for sale or for lease and eventually discovered the old Kitchen Korner space was up for grabs. Just as the four parties were considering a wine bar instead of a coffee shop, one opened in Colville. Not wanting to "step on any toes," they tabled the discussion.

Between August and December of 2016 Gibbons, her husband Zane, and her parents continued pondering what kind of business to open. It was Dec. 9 when Gibbons noted that the building was already being leased, and that they really needed to do something with it. Only a few minutes later her husband suggested a tap house. "The rest is history," said Gibbons. The name, Pour House, was the result of many brainstorming hours. The four co-owners wanted a name that was unique and clever. "It was not the first name we chose, but we wanted to be as original as we could," Gibbons explained.

Every time a name was suggested research was done to see if a tap house in Washington already went by it. There are other Pour Houses across the country, but according to Gibbons, they are several states away. Like the concept of the business, Zane was the source for the catchy name.

Both Zane and Julie Gibbons work as emergency room nurses, they own an Alaskan fishing business, and they're busy raising three kids. Both Ken and Susan Linse are entrepreneurs and own their own landscaping company in western Washington. "My mom really enjoys taking something and building it from the ground up," said Gibbons. "She's very good at that." Gibbons said her mother didn't allow her to give up on the dream, and that they continuously inspire one another.

Gibbons said it's easy to get distracted with life, but for this dream, her mother didn't allow for that to happen. The four co-owners plan to be in and out of the Pour House assisting employees and visiting with patrons, all the while keeping the tap house a "fun, relaxing, clean, family-friendly location."

Written by Katie Leithead of the Statesman Examiner

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